Monday, April 30, 2012


there is beauty in the nomads life, a blooming kind of freedom that, knowing you don't belong anywhere, will overgrow your mind and make you feel like belonging everywhere.
you're wandering under the same stars that started to fill your eyes and fall down on your hair but your feet are touching unknown grounds and those old faces are slowling vanishing to memories, their places always being mirrored in the new ones.
your own face, a changing reflection in the waters glowing with a light from within you will never stop fighting for. it is the only constant.

you barely hear your own thoughts in this storm that brought you here but
you will surrender what you are for what you will become.this is what it feels like, walking on stardust.

- found on boheme musings 
x leo x

spell me

even though it's moving towards summer here i'm still tempted by this spell & the gypsy loooong cardi!

- leo x

Sunday, April 29, 2012

amiamo l'antichità

a roadtrip to our secret spot for vintage 'le hatchery' finds... yes please!! todays italy trip was lovely, a perfectly crisp, sunny sunday funday... AMORE... we can't wait to add these beauties to our store...

- one happy bunny leo x

Thursday, April 26, 2012

barn wedding...

it's a start... work in progress but oh so exciting! perfect location for our barn country wedding in france xxxx

- leo x

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

pop-up swap is back baby...

pop-up swap cannes is back!!! for those of you in the south of france this event is for the eco-friendly fashion lovers...

believe it or not charity shops & vintage stores are hard to find around here! we've set this event for anyone who would love to trade clothes with like-minded planet-conscious fashionistas. whether you live local, work on a boat & have limited storage, travelling through & would like to update the suitcase or you're just needing a bit of inspiration... come along with your unwanted clothes & accessories (even if it's only 1 piece), enjoy a drink, a natter & a chance to leave with something you can't wait to wear!

le hatchery & little sew n sew garments will also be on display as we all love a bit of handmade!!

if you would like further information please email us at

look forward to seeing you there xx

this is the bikini i have in my head for this summer... now just to find who it's by?!?

- leo xx

Tuesday, April 24, 2012


back in france now after a looong fun regatta in palma.... the stopover in barcelona in my tiredness involved a few purchases at massimo dutti mmmmmm

- leo x