Thursday, November 18, 2010

road trip to bordeaux

it's been rain rain rain all this week, we've had problems with the electricity for the last few days as there are leaks springing up everywhere on the boat we are looking after. buckets and towels a plenty. in between babysitting the drips i've been thinking about road trips. hopefully one up to the snow next weekend for the first snowboard of the winter. very exciting.

bordeaux was somewhere i'd been dying to get to since moving to france and a few weeks back a few friends and i made a last minute decision to go... drove the 7 hours and discovered a completely different side of this country. it was so nice to escape the coast and get lost in the vines... and of course the antiques...

this great grandfather clock was living in the chateau we stayed in.. he was tres grand

i bought the copper jug for an umbrella stand in the apartment... it's been very useful!

the drips are calling...

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